Quality Cast Iron Cookware, Made in Colombia since 1939.

Victoria is a three-generation family business located in Medellín, Colombia. Our story begins with Raúl Mejía, who at 16 years of age decides to start a small business in the foundry industry. Working in a tiny  garage, he crafts his first products: led toy soldiers and decorative crosses.

After perfecting the art of casting, Raúl’s passion for cooking and fresh foods lead him to create one of our most famous products: the Victoria grain grinder –  and thus, Victoria Cast Iron Cookware was born.

Over time, his passion and his company grew, reaching millions of kitchens across 37 countries. The descendants of Raúl inherited his passion, craftsmanship and most importantly – love for cast iron. Today, Victoria offers a line of products that have gotten international recognition as the best in class for their innovative designs, sustainability and product quality – a feat that continues to fuel the family’s passion for cast iron excellence.


Everything started with the development of a manual grain mill, a tool that would help thousands of families dealing with their daily lives or that would simply give them the satisfaction of processing corn on their own.

The most important thing is that the grain mill was the beginning of new projects, new products and of the constant challenge of innovating as time passes. That is why we now have the pleasure to count with, in our catalog, pans, pots, plates, casseroles and many more; which are the perfect complement to enjoy the best experiences around the kitchen and the table.